Oak House Bed and Breakfast
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We have followed William Morris' principles of honest repair of ancient buildings and have treated bulging, bowing, sagging and leaning as signs of age that deserve respect.  We have not sought to smarten them or hide the imperfections.  Age confers a beauty of its own.


History of Oak House


We have preserved as much as possible of the house's history, from its origins as two 15th Century Medieval halls with central open fires and smoke escaping through the open rafters, through its development in Tudor times with the addition of the main chimneys and beautifully carved ceilings, to its 20th Century function as the home of the missionary Edmund Broadbent and after World War II of Hubert Woodward whose descendants still live in nearby houses and whose portrait hangs in our hall. Tom is always delighted to show guests round and talk about the history of the house.

Work in progress...... 


Although the building work is complete, the interior restoration of Oak House and the garden continues.  We are constantly discovering more fascinating aspects of its past as we restore and decorate each room and flower bed.